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To Vote, a civic responsibility

Adriana Ramos

Last week some of the Candidates for the presidency, as well as some Senator and Congressman, decide to confront the real public in “Your Tube” debate, call “Citizen Tube”. Not only because the politicians have realized that this new Generation is completely tech-online, but because the statistics bring high ratings to their future voters, now each one of the candidates have their own “You Tube” propaganda media.

Many of the questions the general public address, were the real problems the country lives today, how to activated the economy, how we can keep the war in Iraq, if the Country should impeach the President Bush and Cheney, and so much important real problems from real people, Teachers, Parents, Accountants, Secretaries, Students, Farmers, etc. But the last debate that “Citizen Tube” brought to the public was to question why the Vote was on a Tuesday?.

Not only many politicians answer the reason was the inefficiency to let the Voters come to the polls, but many questions the importance to Vote.

We are a Country that historical has been very proud of the transparency of the process to Vote, obviously before Florida big awareness. But as difference from the rest of Latin America countries were the poverty overpass the population for almost 70% and the education levels do not reach more the high school Diplomas, the choice to Vote is an impossible task, not only because in many of the smallest towns will be impossible to find a poll, by the way, fact many Governments will preferred, and all kind of impediments for their own means. In the US is not, even in Tuesday, like a Senator question to be a difficult day to Vote, the public may be able to find in many small towns, an open poll.

Yes the electoral system is trying to install the latest technology in the polls; true that in some cases should be test before, true was evident in the last elections, because brought madness, frustrations, and doubt of the general public, doubt that many of the polls didn’t work property. But even then, even with new technology to be establish to make it easier the process, or difficult in the mean while, we should still have the responsibility of Vote, is our duty.

Is always been said, “The Countries have the President the people choose”, we Americans are the ones that will choose this next election, is a civic responsibility, we shouldn’t’ let an absent ballet chose for us.

About Adriana Ramos

She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). She has worked in administrative, design, human resources, accounting, and analysis positions for companies as diverse as Avalon Steel Corporation, CSC Continuum-Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Laboratorios Chalber, in the public sector, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry (S.R.E.); Social Media and Marketing Specialist for Non-Profit Organizations as U.S. National Committee of UN Women, East Florida Chapter and Founder Board Member of U.S. National Committee for UN Women Miami Chapter; Founding Board Member Arsht Families Culture for Kids. She is founder of ideas4solutions organization, which has several collaborators from Latin America.