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Miami-Dade County Elections Today – Ideas4Solutions

Coral Gables, FL., April 7, 2015. Today we have County Elections in Miami-Dade. Voting is one of our constitutional rights (1), and we need to be inform of the options we have to exercise our right (2). Some Miami-Dade voting precincts have changed due to reprecincting. This may affect where you vote, so go to the main website of Miami-Dade.Gov and find your precinct location at: Location In the case of Coral Gables the options are as follows: This is a Copy of the Master Ballot – Coral Gables General Biennial Election 4/14/15:ZR:2/23/15 OFFICIAL GENERAL BIENNIAL ELECTION BALLOT CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA APRIL 14, 2015 BOLETA OFICIAL DE LAS ELECCIONES BIENALES GENERALES CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA 14 DE ABRIL DEL 2015 FOR MAYOR - GROUP I PARA ALCALDE - GRUPO I (Vote for … [Read more...]

Recent Earthquake Near Mexico – Sismo al sur del estado de Veracruz.

  This are the latest NEWS of Earthquakes Near Mexico from Mapa: sismo a las 19:59h con epicentro al sur del estado de Veracruz. M4.4 según la agencia europea EMSC. — SkyAlert (@SkyAlertMx) April 6, 2015 Mapa: sismo a las 19:59h con epicentro al sur del estado de Veracruz. Ver Mapa. … [Read more...]

Fishing Day in Florida.

                                  Dear Friend, Having given your wonderful wife’s comments some considerable thought, I would like to point out one thing. ·         All snook the target of our fishing endeavours, are born male, after they grow to a length of over 30 inches, they transform into females. Only one other species achieves this change, the grouper. ·         Thus, once the fish survives being a male, if it is clever and lucky it becomes a woman. ·         By a miracle of evolution men are born men, women are born women. Being cleverer and more superior, women never get to experience the true joy of being a stupid … [Read more...]