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Fishing Day in Florida.

Snook1, 09-02-08_1228.

Sept., Snook1 photo by LOCOFISH.


















Dear Friend,

Having given your wonderful wife’s comments some considerable thought, I would like to point out one thing.

·         All snook the target of our fishing endeavours, are born male, after they grow to a length of over 30 inches, they transform into females. Only one other species achieves this change, the grouper.

·         Thus, once the fish survives being a male, if it is clever and lucky it becomes a woman.

·         By a miracle of evolution men are born men, women are born women. Being cleverer and more superior, women never get to experience the true joy of being a stupid male, and doing the stupid things we do, yet although they are “cleverer” they still get to marry one.

·         In theory this would indicate a female snook would understand the challenges that being a male represents, and would explain to a greater extent why women will never understand the stupid stuff that we do.

·         Please ask Adriana not to understand why we would walk miles along a beach with little or no chance of achieving our goal, just feel happy that she is not one of us.

Kind Regards,




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