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Latin America’s Top 50 Brands

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Analyzing the 50 most valuable brands in Latin America is not an easy task. Last week Millward Brown and MPP just did that, released their fourth annual Brand in Latin America,  they analyzed the region’s six top economies: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina (PDF Doc Report).

The 83 pages reports includes a extend breakout of the top 50 brands by country, even do there is been a despite slow economic growth in Latin America, they rise a 2% y/y/y. Some of the highlights include;

Mexico, 17 top 50 brands, $49.4 billion value, +15% y/o/y

Brazil, 11 top 50 brands, $32 billion value, +5% y/o/y

Chile, 7 top 50 brands, $19.4 billion value, -23% y/o/y

Colombia, 9 top 50 brands, $19.3 billion value, -4% y/o/y

Peru, 4 top 50 brands, $6.1 billion value, +15% y/o/y

Argentina, 2 top 50 brands, $2.6 billion value, NM % change

A couple of things stand out. With Brazil’s more than 200 million people population, twice that of Mexico and more than quadruple the other competitors, you’d expect Brazil to easily top the list. Instead, it badly lags Mexico on all counts. Even Chile, with just 1/10th the population of Brazil has 7 top 50 brands that in aggregate add up to 60% of the value of Brazil’s. Mexico continue to be a serious big economy in Latin America for foreign investors.

On the Key Results the report mention that Technology brand value remains flat it says “In a year of product iteration, rather than innovation, the overall brand value of the technology category remained flat. The race to assemble and dominate ecosystems defined the year for B2C brands. In B2B, some brands discovered opportunities in big data and the cloud, while others struggled to reposition away from device-driven strategies.”

Millward Brown and MPP in 2013 report, mention that Brands are becoming media, “brands increasingly are executing the role formerly filled by traditional media—organizing and reaching audiences with relevant content,  that’s because the brand’s customer data often is more targeted and detailed than the mass-market audience data of TV or print media.” In the 2015 reports refer on Brand implications, “there’s a correlation between high brand value and presence in fast growing markets”. They extend this describing, “successful brands are not limiting themselves to promoting just their features and benefits but instead are aiming to reflect the same values as their consumer”.

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