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Apps and creativity in South Florida

About Skip De Kanter

My name is Jos Scipio de Kanter. I have been involved in the Film/TV business for the past year. I am currently a Film Technologies A.S. Major at Miami Dade College along with a successful completion of an internship with WLRN - Miami over the summer. I am a hard working student as I am also in my professional life. At WLRN, I have worked on Live on Tape shows featuring Felix Ismael Rodriguez and Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen.

I love to film, even if it is not on a set: my dogs, the birds, nature, even the Brickell Financial district in a time lapse of the day with the clouds in the background. I am also very proficient in creative writing and expressing my thoughts in story form. I enjoy critiquing my peers and the works of other professional film makers.