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Last Thursday’s event, hosted in Brickell’s Building & Co., brought’s Director of Program Management Rick Paster to inform the Miami tech-scene about the company and some key strategies being implemented. is an e-commerce site where adding a product to the checkout cart unlocks discounts for other similar, complimentary products, almost on an endless pathway; the user sees savings go up as the quantity of goods purchased also goes up.

The company has been coined the “Amazon-killer”; however, Paster made the important point that the company does not consider itself a killer or competitor to Amazon, as there is room for many, diverse players in the e-commerce industry.

It was refreshing to hear an executive reminding the public that competition and innovation in the marketplace is what drives success and amplifies choices for the consumer. is just over 11-months old, is already selling over 11 million products, and is adding around 400 million customers a month, with one-third of these being repeat customers. Paster explained that the buy-more-save-more game the customer engages with on is based on a real-time pricing algorithm. There are several other ways to save money, such as by buying items that will ship together from the warehouse, buying multiple quantities, waiving the right to return certain products, and by using certain payment methods (such as specific debit cards). Overall, seems to engage customers with a game-like path that encourages consumption on another level, and this is both reflective of today’s mass-consumption culture and companies’ need to engage users and more innovative ways. blasting into e-commerce

Aunque la plática del señor Paster haya sido muy interesante e informativa, él no soltó tanta información como uno hubiera querido.

Por ejemplo, habló de un algoritmo usado para determinar los descuentos que el usuario puede abrir al comprar más y más productos, pero no dijo porque el algoritmo de es más especial, o más innovador, que el algoritmo empleado por otras compañías (o porqué otras compañías no lo usan).

Sí habló mucho acerca el tema de la fieldad a una marca, y sí mencionó que está desarrollando su estrategia para retener clientes.

Cómo es una compañía bastante nueva todavía está estableciendo su reputación dentro del mercado y tiene que ir exponiéndose más hacia nuevos clientes para fortalecer los ‘repeat customers’.

La compañía está apostando en la idea que el cliente sí quiere comprar más y más, pero ¿qué pasará sí el cliente no quiere comprar en exceso para ahorrar unos $2? ¿Hasta cuándo podrá mantenerse esta cultura de consumo en masa?.

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