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Nasty Women Vote

Nasty Women Vote


Yesterday, this “Nasty Women” did early voting. I hope that for all of the number of documents WikiLeaks keeps putting out there about Clinton, they would do the same on Trump. I ask myself; why have they not done it yet? Maybe that could give our nation a true perspective of the “dark ages” we may be heading towards when Trump wins.

Yesterday RT Media reported [i]that Assange comments about the WikiLeaks publishing on Clinton emails is not the interference of electoral process, this is the definition of electoral process – for media organizations and, in fact, everyone to publish the truth and their opinion about what is occurring. It cannot be free and informed elections unless people are free to inform” he said. If this is true, why then WikiLeaks does not provide us information from Trump; like his past tax declaration, e-mails, etc. Avoiding to properly inform us on Trump make them free and fair press?

Has no one notice how Clinton has worked in politics for all these years? No Mr. Assange, she has not change.

NOW, about Trump, we have not been informed properly how he has manage his profitable business all this years, or what type of “deals” he made during the years, how such a billionaire has been successful?. We have read about Gates, Jobs and Warren Buffet and how they started. How they built their empires and how they inspire our youth!

WikiLeaks claims, we need balance news. Where are they? The information on WikiLeaks is not balanced. Yes, I’m sure all the nation is completely tired –like me- of watching, reading, listening news against Trump and yes it is not balance. However, Trump doesn’t help himself. He makes it too easy for the media to go against him because of his comments. Being genuine does not mean you can continue to say improper things, specially all does hateful comments against women and minorities.  Please, Mr. Trump have a little more class! I also do not accept that being proper or eloquent gives you blank check to continue to do “secret deals” for “special friends and family relatives”. This is not acceptable either and we have had enough Mrs. Clinton!

We are less than 11 days for elections and I still think he will win. Why? He has open a “Pandora box”[ii] in our country. Trump speeches are full of hate, they have poisoned our nation with continued discomfort against minorities, “Nasty women and bad hombres” as he says. Blaming individuals and groups of individuals has been quite easy for him to do. Why not ask the people to work harder, to study more, to save more, to assist those in need and to live by one’s own means. Why does he not encourage the country consume products we only need? Instead of threatening action on companies that move abroad, why he doesn’t starts to set an example. Instead of investing in a golf course in Scotland, why not build it in Yuma, Arizona which has the nation’s highest unemployment[iii] rate? He has poisoned the minds of adults, young and elderly with language of vulgarity, despotism, and unrealistic images of a perfect future. Complaining and blaming “others” won’t feed us, educate us, create employment for us and brings us closer as a nation.

I think neither Trump nor Clinton grow up knowing, how the average American live, nor people in poverty. Nevertheless Clinton at least send her daughter when she was a student to several summers around the world, as Haiti, and many more to help, not only to chase exotics animals in Africa as Trump did.

In the last years Clinton as head of Department of State, her responsibilities include dealing with many international leaders, and travel and deal with many places of conflicts.

When they campaign in our city and BOTH CANDIDATES visits “Calle Ocho”, they make the mistake to assume that these are the only people in need in our city. I wish I could see the Presidential candidates walking through “Little Haiti, Liberty City or in Immokalee Florida”.

Despite this detachment of the reality from both our candidates, at least Clinton had been an advocate for years for tax reforms to benefit the poor and middle class, social security, a respect for minorities, humane immigration policies, women’s rights, universal medical insurance and common sense gun controls. Many of these issues will require a lot of work and I believe Clinton can continue to build on the work that President Obama started in 2008. Trump? Only been an advocate of himself.

In these last 8 years, haven’t people seen positive changes? For starters, we recovered from a deep financial crisis since 2006[iv]. The fact that we pulled out and have not dropped into a financial recession, has given us at least stability.

With Trump as President we will be heading back to another “financial vortex” I do not understand when he says “let’s make America great again”. Form whom Mr. Trump?

We live in an amazing country that celebrates the liberty and diversity of its citizens. A country that respects and secured the rights of their people by the “Charters of freedom[v], documents as “Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights”. This have been our most valuable gift. If we divide our country internally and isolate from the rest of the world, this will not make us “great again”.

So PLEASE, this coming November 8th vote responsibly. VOTE early, go and review the location for VOTE . Yes, our options are very limited in this election, but we have to make the best decisions for our future and that of our kids.


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