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NO HATE – Time to work

The elections are finally over, and we have a new President, Donald Trump. Whatever you thought it might not happen, happened. A candidate outside of the political arena won and became the most powerful man on earth. Regardless if you are a liberal, conservative or non-partisan you have to agree, the comparisons cannot be made with Donald Trump and any other President, such a candidate has never been seen in the history of the United States nor any other country.

The Electoral College added up and the results were clear, Mr. Trump became the 45th President, even if the majority of the popular votes brought Clinton as the favorite for more than 48% vs. 47%. The election is done, but not the work that is a head.

US Electoral Results as November 16, 2016; Google.

Now what? Marching against the electoral college’s vote’s results might not help. This arcade system has to change or improve in many ways. We need to study the legal options to eventually change it. We have to improve the system, so that it will properly represent our citizens, we could began contacting our representatives. Why not work in study groups to get a solution? It is more important to review the failures in each party.

Now, the manifestations of HATE in the days following Trump’s victory, should not have any space in our country. It is time for him to stand up in front of the country and condemn the behavior that “HE” initiated since the beginning of the campaign. As the President of our country, you should reject all types of violence and STOP racism and xenophobia. Mr. President-elect it’s time that you speak and denounce. Just because you have never experienced racism or discrimination, it does not mean it does not exist.

In the other hand, if you now feel  deep patriotism, go enroll in any social program in your County or any public schools and teach any kid or adult how learn English, Teach them how the history of our country began and about our Constitution. Help any organization that supports our veterans. You want to see improve our country, be a better citizen and give back to it.

Are we supposed to start getting use to seeing our new President via 60 Minutes or any other grand TV Program? Are we supposed to get news from our commander in chief via the Kardashians? This is not the proper way to make a statement, no matter if the new President is more eloquent in a Pre-recorded TV program.

I can imagine some people have difficulty reading or understanding a speech, and might have the limitation to only understand via a visual description for less than 15 minutes (without commercials), but to continue doing is a big mistake. They do not recognize that this could be extremely dangerous, for their administration and obviously for the country. Making statements like the one we saw yesterday, can lead to many interpretations from everyone. No only including the media, but the country and obviously the world.

So far what our President-elect informed us yesterday that:

  1. The wall and his Salary.
  2. Health Care.
  3. Immigration.
  4. Reduce Taxes.
  5. Women in future.

Obviously the expectations have begun. Trying to figure these areas and how he is going to approach them is extremely important.

The Wall / Salary

The construction of the wall will start, but what areas will cover it? How tall it will be? What is the company he will choose to construct it? Trump may not accept any salary as a President, does this means he will continue to accept deals offering services and increase his own business, construction Companies tied to Trump Business? Obliviously yesterday he couldn’t answer how he wanted to build it. He did mention months ago that he will tax  any money sent from the US to Mexico. Does that means also business transactions?

Health Care

He did not mention what areas are going to be repeal nor the ones that will stay with. This is such an important area that may need more explanation from him. You are against Obama Care, what is your concrete proposal to improve it?


This is going to affect directly our economy.  We have thousands of productive acres of agriculture around the US. Are these workers going to be replaced? And by whom?

Women in Future

Hopelessness ? After the interview in 60 minutes, he limited his answer about overturning “Roe and Wade” simply by stating that he will choose a “pro-life” Federal Judge and leave the rest to each authorities of each State.  All this decades of work for women’s rights should not fall on the waist side.

Reduce Taxes

The markets could react positively with incentives, as the promise to reduce taxes, but we have to continue watching the risk of inflation of our deficit, because the inflation could raise the prices of commodities as well. Inflation can hit many small cities and their ability for any future growth, but we have to keep in mind that failure can be extremely expensive. Not all cities of our nation are New York, Los Angeles nor Miami. This inflation could affect the common citizen in many ways; from buying the milk early in the morning to trying to apply for a new loan or even paying the current loans.

I keep thinking what my dad would have said about the results. He always admired the democracy of our country and the way it has been with respect to the separations of powers. He claimed that the separation between the three branches always kept a good balance in the Government and denied anyone from having too much power. He would be surprise of the horrendous campaign that took place this year. Specially the way that the media DID NOT show the real thoughts/wishes of people. I’m sure he shake is head at those who want to compare Trump with Reagan.

We are definitely living in different times. This will requite a different approach from us if we want a different outcome than that of the last presidential election. Stand up against HATE, our country needs you more than ever. So it is time to WORK together!!


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She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). She has worked in administrative, design, human resources, accounting, and analysis positions for companies as diverse as Avalon Steel Corporation, CSC Continuum-Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Laboratorios Chalber, in the public sector, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry (S.R.E.); Social Media and Marketing Specialist for Non-Profit Organizations as U.S. National Committee of UN Women, East Florida Chapter and Founder Board Member of U.S. National Committee for UN Women Miami Chapter; Founding Board Member Arsht Families Culture for Kids. She is founder of ideas4solutions organization, which has several collaborators from Latin America.