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Adriana Ramos

Adriana Ramos is founder of Ideas, LLC and entrepreneur. She created the ideas4solutions organization, which has several collaborators from Latin America that offer a diverse array of specialized services: Ideas-Business and Ideas-News.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). She has worked in administrative, design, human resources, accounting, and analysis positions for companies as diverse as Avalon Steel Corporation, CSC Continuum-Computer Science Corporation and Laboratorios Chalber, and in the public sector, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry.

She has taken specialization courses in computer applications and systems such as Java, Oracle, PHP, CS3, CS4, Windows VISTA and Quickbooks-Intuit, to name a few. She has participated in seminars and full-immersion courses in international relations, business and English and French languages at world-renowned institutions such as the National Autonomous University and ITAM, in Mexico City, Mexico, and Alianza Francesa de la Ciudad de México.

She worked at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations as the administrator of bilateral affairs between Mexico and Canada, with an emphasis on economic, political and judicial affairs. She also worked as an analyst for the U.S. Department of the same Ministry. She worked on Phase I of the negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Mexico, which was led by the Foreign Relations Ministry. She was responsible for the logistics during the bilateral meetings between the U.S. and Mexico. Later, she worked as the official in charge of commercial relations between Mexico and Canada at the same Ministry.

She was in charge of obtaining the certification from Mexico’s Department of Insurance and Finance for the programming platform of the first Retirement Fund System (AFORE) in Latin America, which was designed by CSC Continuum.

In 2007 she participated in the Consultation Team to sale the administrative programming platform for cellular phone service from Open (Software Development Company for Telecommunications and public utilities) to America Móvil, Mexico, a product that has reached various countries in Central and South America.

She is member of UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women, is the women’s fund at the United Nations) East Florida Chapter. She is regional member of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in Miami and the Colombia-USA Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 she was selected as an Outstanding Mexican Woman in the United States, a program created by Mexico’s Canal 11 TV station and the Mexican Consulate. That same year, she received recognition for her participation. She is a member of the National Council on La Raza and of Y-Me Breast Cancer. She is a board member of Mujeres Profesionales Mexicanas, a non-for-profit organization created in Miami. For the last seven years, she has been a catechism teacher at St. Hugh church in Miami. Find her in twitter @adrianaideas4