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About Mariana Vega

Mariana holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, with a
certificate in International Public Relations from The University of North
Carolina at Charlotte. She was born in Puebla, Mexico and has lived in
London, where she completed a Public Relations Seminar at Regents
University, Charlotte and Miami. She has worked for non-profit
organizations in Mexico and in the United States. Currently, Mariana is Head of Strategic Alliances of an online marketplace for curated art based in Miami, FL.

Women can benefit from mentoring.

                Mariana Vega. On Saturday March 5/2016, I attended the inaugural Mentoring Walk to celebrate the International Women’s Day, (March 8th). Rendez Vous and Vital Voices hosted this event, and a panel discussion with the purpose of empowering women to grow professionally and become leaders.   Maria Gabriela Hoch, Vital Voices Argentina Honorary President & Co-founder, conducted the event. Natalia Martínez-Kalinina, General Manager at CIC, facilitated the discussion and the distinguished guests were Teresa Weintraub, Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, and Emily Berlin, Senior Consultant at Global Power Generation, SoEnery International.   As I expected, most of the audience were … [Read more...]