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Trump against Journalists

  I personally don’t like the journalism style of Jorge Ramos. Some time he seems intimidating and tries to push the limits with whomever he is interviewing, be it at president of a country or a celebrity, you name it. However it surprise me that Mr. Donald Trump, the famous billionaire, as he claims himself to be - famous for his “raw & exaggerated way of talking”, the tough business man of NY, had to have his security detail remove Jorge Ramos from his recent press conference in Iowa. Why did this happen? It was not until someone in the audience, mention that “even President Obama could take the heat, face to face in an interview with the renowned journalist”, was Jorge Ramos allowed back in to … [Read more...]

Fire in South Dadeland, Dixie Hwy. #Miami, FL. – Incendio al Sur de US1 en Miami, Florida.

A fire at an auto body shop in South Dadeland Miami-Dade broke today in the afternoon. The officials  said the fire was under control. … [Read more...]

Miami-Dade County Elections Today – Ideas4Solutions

Coral Gables, FL., April 7, 2015. Today we have County Elections in Miami-Dade. Voting is one of our constitutional rights (1), and we need to be inform of the options we have to exercise our right (2). Some Miami-Dade voting precincts have changed due to reprecincting. This may affect where you vote, so go to the main website of Miami-Dade.Gov and find your precinct location at: Location In the case of Coral Gables the options are as follows: This is a Copy of the Master Ballot – Coral Gables General Biennial Election 4/14/15:ZR:2/23/15 OFFICIAL GENERAL BIENNIAL ELECTION BALLOT CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA APRIL 14, 2015 BOLETA OFICIAL DE LAS ELECCIONES BIENALES GENERALES CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA 14 DE ABRIL DEL 2015 FOR MAYOR - GROUP I PARA ALCALDE - GRUPO I (Vote for … [Read more...]

Solutions to the hectic traffic and driving in Miami

Traffic in Miami. ARV, May 2014. Ideas4Solutions

by Rebekkah Mar My parents' worst nightmare came to life when I first showed interest in driving. That was no surprise with Miami's reputation of back-to-back traffic, reckless driving from drunk or distracted drivers, and the rest of the obstacles that I would inevitably face on the road. As soon as I passed the driving test, my parents imposed driving restrictions on when and where I could drive. Some would say that my parents were over protective, but now I understand. South Florida  has appeared repeatedly on several lists pertaining to the states with the worst reputation for driving. Based on car insurance websites such as, Florida, out of all of the states in America, was ranked the highest for careless drivers. It is a well-known fact that Florida's … [Read more...]

Fundraising startup businesses in Miami

By Rebekkah Mar When people think of startup businesses that have a focus and foundation in technology, they rarely mention the city of Miami. Silicon Valley, the technology hub in California, inevitably and historically receives the main focus. However, that is no longer true.  With the leadership of Brian Breslin and Peter Martinez, co-founders of the startup organization "Refresh Miami," they have made it their goal to bring to Miami the attention that it deserves. The startup organization hosted the first of their summer series events titled "Startup Fundraising in Miami" on Thursday, May 29th at the Miami Science Museum. Sponsored by Wyncode and moderated by Carlos Garcia, CEO and Founder of Nobox, the event featured a panel discussion with successful business leaders imparting … [Read more...]