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Shelters in South Florida – Hurricane Matthew

The Governor Rick Scott warn the public about Hurricane Matthew this morning, “this storm will kill you” he said.   Please continue making all the recommended preparations for Hurricane Matthew, National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Matthew has strengthened to Category 4 storm: Here are the key messages from NHC regarding Category 4 #hurricane #Matthew at 11 am EDT Thurs. @NHCDirector @NOAA — NHC Atlantic Ops (@NHC_Atlantic) October 6, 2016 Don't forget to contact your local authorities to seek more information about the status of the shelters, in case that you live in a mandatory evacuation zone or not sure, visit Miami Dade County web site, the following are some of the locations in: Miami-Dade … [Read more...]

Trump against Journalists

  I personally don’t like the journalism style of Jorge Ramos. Some time he seems intimidating and tries to push the limits with whomever he is interviewing, be it at president of a country or a celebrity, you name it. However it surprise me that Mr. Donald Trump, the famous billionaire, as he claims himself to be - famous for his “raw & exaggerated way of talking”, the tough business man of NY, had to have his security detail remove Jorge Ramos from his recent press conference in Iowa. Why did this happen? It was not until someone in the audience, mention that “even President Obama could take the heat, face to face in an interview with the renowned journalist”, was Jorge Ramos allowed back in to … [Read more...]

Miami-Dade County Elections Today – Ideas4Solutions

Coral Gables, FL., April 7, 2015. Today we have County Elections in Miami-Dade. Voting is one of our constitutional rights (1), and we need to be inform of the options we have to exercise our right (2). Some Miami-Dade voting precincts have changed due to reprecincting. This may affect where you vote, so go to the main website of Miami-Dade.Gov and find your precinct location at: Location In the case of Coral Gables the options are as follows: This is a Copy of the Master Ballot – Coral Gables General Biennial Election 4/14/15:ZR:2/23/15 OFFICIAL GENERAL BIENNIAL ELECTION BALLOT CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA APRIL 14, 2015 BOLETA OFICIAL DE LAS ELECCIONES BIENALES GENERALES CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA 14 DE ABRIL DEL 2015 FOR MAYOR - GROUP I PARA ALCALDE - GRUPO I (Vote for … [Read more...]

Fishing Day in Florida.

                                  Dear Friend, Having given your wonderful wife’s comments some considerable thought, I would like to point out one thing. ·         All snook the target of our fishing endeavours, are born male, after they grow to a length of over 30 inches, they transform into females. Only one other species achieves this change, the grouper. ·         Thus, once the fish survives being a male, if it is clever and lucky it becomes a woman. ·         By a miracle of evolution men are born men, women are born women. Being cleverer and more superior, women never get to experience the true joy of being a stupid … [Read more...]


Por LUIS ARIEL RAMOS Ante la insistencia del gobierno federal de que este mismo año habrá reforma energética, se agitan las inquietudes de quienes están a favor o en contra. En todos los Foros Internacionales a los que asiste como observador o participante el presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, ha declarado con firmeza, que el proyecto es necesario para que México crezca económicamente. Inclusive funcionarios de todos los niveles de su gobierno, advierten la urgencia de que LA REFORMA, será el pivote que dispare al país hacia la modernidad a que obliga el siglo actual. Por lo pronto y aún cuando OFICIALMENE NO SE CONOCE TEXTO ALGUNO QUE SEÑALE SI EL MENCIONADO PROYECTO SERÁ LIGHT O DE GRAN CALADO, ya hay a la fecha dos posiciones encontradas: la del presidente de Acción … [Read more...]