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Watch VIDEO Transition Team 2017 – Message from Donald J. Trump

Discurso del Presidente electo Donald Trump sobre su política a seguir para los primeros 100 días de su gobierno. … [Read more...]

NO HATE – Time to work

The elections are finally over, and we have a new President, Donald Trump. Whatever you thought it might not happen, happened. A candidate outside of the political arena won and became the most powerful man on earth. Regardless if you are a liberal, conservative or non-partisan you have to agree, the comparisons cannot be made with Donald Trump and any other President, such a candidate has never been seen in the history of the United States nor any other country. The Electoral College added up and the results were clear, Mr. Trump became the 45th President, even if the majority of the popular votes brought Clinton as the favorite for more than 48% vs. 47%. The election is done, but not the work that is a head. Now what? Marching against the electoral college’s vote’s results … [Read more...]

Nasty Women Vote

  Yesterday, this “Nasty Women” did early voting. I hope that for all of the number of documents WikiLeaks keeps putting out there about Clinton, they would do the same on Trump. I ask myself; why have they not done it yet? Maybe that could give our nation a true perspective of the "dark ages" we may be heading towards when Trump wins. Yesterday RT Media reported [i]that Assange comments about the WikiLeaks publishing on Clinton emails “is not the interference of electoral process, this is the definition of electoral process – for media organizations and, in fact, everyone to publish the truth and their opinion about what is occurring. It cannot be free and informed elections unless people are free to inform” he said. If this is true, why then WikiLeaks does not … [Read more...]

Trump against Journalists

  I personally don’t like the journalism style of Jorge Ramos. Some time he seems intimidating and tries to push the limits with whomever he is interviewing, be it at president of a country or a celebrity, you name it. However it surprise me that Mr. Donald Trump, the famous billionaire, as he claims himself to be - famous for his “raw & exaggerated way of talking”, the tough business man of NY, had to have his security detail remove Jorge Ramos from his recent press conference in Iowa. Why did this happen? It was not until someone in the audience, mention that “even President Obama could take the heat, face to face in an interview with the renowned journalist”, was Jorge Ramos allowed back in to … [Read more...]


by Adriana Ramos In the last year, a visitor could spend a week in the United States, watching television, shopping and reading newspapers, then going back to their home place with no clue that immigration was a major issue in US and that more likely his next visit was going to change. Today, Immigration is the top topic of any major newspaper in any city of the Country, describe as “The main problem” the nation is facing. In many of the minds of our population, come all types of questions. Are this immigrants helping the country in any way?, Are they truly cooperating with the economy? Are they a heavy weight to the regular citizens? The questions can be found in many of the regular news on T.V., any entertainment host, political magazines, even Senators or Congressman … [Read more...]