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by Adriana Ramos Who's Rose? Rose Mapendo is a Congolese woman from Banyamulenge Tutsi, a tribe from the High Plateauxregion of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In August 1998, a new rebellion broke out in eastern DRC. Banyamulenge and other Tutsi were attacked, killed orimprisoned. Her harrowing experience included the nighttime arrest of her entire familyby governmental agents, the execution of her husband, birth to their twin sons while inprison, and grim negotiations with prison guards to save the lives of her children. Thehorror finally ended when she and her family were rescued from a refugee camp. The Mapendos currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. Since their relocation, they reside inan airy home on a quiet street. The children play basketball in the driveway … [Read more...]