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Why is Miami “The Magic City”?

by REBEKKAH MAR When I graduated from high school, I wanted to escape the hectic traffic, crowded beaches, and nightlife of Miami, Florida. But once I spent a year in Gainesville, I ached to come home. The city lacked Miami's diversity, culture, and history. I realized that I took the city for granted and never explored the depth of as to why Miami is known as "The Magic City." The label "The Magic City" was coined when Miami transformed from a small pioneer town in 1900 of 1,618 residents to a city containing 29,549 residents only twenty years later. This transformation led to new transportation developments as well as tourist resorts. Miami's population only continued to increase. After World War II, families moved to the area due to the accessibility of military training … [Read more...]

Luis Ariel Ramos – Rest in Peace.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Luis Ariel Ramos, our beloved Executive President of Ideas4Solutions on June 22nd 2014 in Mexico City.  Ariel Ramos is survived by his wife Maria de Jesus Marcin de Ramos, his children Adriana Ramos de Vega, Ariel Ramos Marcín, Luis Ramos Marcín, and Alfonso Ramos Marcín and his grandchildren . Ariel Ramos’ passionate contributions to Ideas4Solutions will be deeply missed.  Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy.   Funeral Services will be held in Mexico City at Funeraria García López Casa Pedregal, Av. San Jerónimo No. 140, Col. San Ángel, Del. Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01090 on June 24th at 5:00 pm. This are a few of his … [Read more...]