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Trump against Journalists

  I personally don’t like the journalism style of Jorge Ramos. Some time he seems intimidating and tries to push the limits with whomever he is interviewing, be it at president of a country or a celebrity, you name it. However it surprise me that Mr. Donald Trump, the famous billionaire, as he claims himself to be - famous for his “raw & exaggerated way of talking”, the tough business man of NY, had to have his security detail remove Jorge Ramos from his recent press conference in Iowa. Why did this happen? It was not until someone in the audience, mention that “even President Obama could take the heat, face to face in an interview with the renowned journalist”, was Jorge Ramos allowed back in to … [Read more...]

President Obama delivers a statement to the nation confirming the “Dead of Osama Bin Laden”

The President Barack Obama address to the American people tonight with the news that OSAMA BIN LADEN was killed in a military exercise. President mention, that after receiving detail information of Osama Bill Laden location, he gave the order to proceed with the attack. This has been one of the most significant achievements of the President Obama’s administration. -----------------0-----------------------0------------------------------0--------------------------0 El presidente Barack Obama realiza un discurso esta noche al pueblo de los Estados Unidos, con la noticia de que Osama bin Laden murió en un ejercicio militar. El Presidente menciona, que después de recibir información detallada de la ubicación de Osama Bin Laden, dió la orden … [Read more...]