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Women can benefit from mentoring.

                Mariana Vega. On Saturday March 5/2016, I attended the inaugural Mentoring Walk to celebrate the International Women’s Day, (March 8th). Rendez Vous and Vital Voices hosted this event, and a panel discussion with the purpose of empowering women to grow professionally and become leaders.   Maria Gabriela Hoch, Vital Voices Argentina Honorary President & Co-founder, conducted the event. Natalia Martínez-Kalinina, General Manager at CIC, facilitated the discussion and the distinguished guests were Teresa Weintraub, Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, and Emily Berlin, Senior Consultant at Global Power Generation, SoEnery International.   As I expected, most of the audience were … [Read more...]

Did you #hashtag today? June 30th, Miami’s Social Media Day! #SMDAYMIA

by REBEKKAH MAR What comes to mind when you think about Miami? Probably the diverse culture, high fashion, sweltering heat, and championship basketball. But would technology make that list? Many entrepreneurs who are managing startup technology businesses in this cosmopolitan city question whether their companies can succeed as well as Silicon Valley companies. Well, Social Media Day of Miami, is the answer. Alex Carvalho along with a team of fifteen organizers successfully hosted Mashable’s world wide free event, #SMDAYMIA or Miami’s Social Media Day. June 30th, 2013, not only marked a day where young entrepreneurs could receive advice for their startup companies and learn about the changing industry, but this was the first official Social Media Day of Miami as proclaimed by Miami … [Read more...]