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The State of UrbanTech – MIA 2016

Last Tuesday’s event The State of UrbanTech – MIA 2016 gathered a small but dedicated group to discuss the present and future impact of urban technology in cities, specifically Miami. The presentation began by asserting two interesting figures for future cities: 2 times population increase and 5 times decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are now being redesigned to fit more people while using less resources. Edward Glaeser’s book Triumph of the City assures this by emphasizing the fact that clustered cities are more productive and economically viable given the ease in flow of the new information economy and creativity. The problem, however, arises when cities are being re-imagined to a scale that is just not seemingly plausible. For example, the speaker at the event said … [Read more...]

IMA event: Terry B. Jones on innovation

Last Thursday, June 9, I had the pleasure of attending a discussion on innovation and shifting business strategy, led by Terry B. Jones. After a cocktail hour hosted at the NSU Art Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, the talk commenced in the auditorium across the breezeway. I must admit I did not know who Mr. Jones was, but I assumed he must be a marketing magnate, as the talk was organized by IMA. To my mistake and surprise, Mr. Jones is actually one of the founders of Travelocity and Kayak; so in a sense, he has developed businesses that market travel. Mr. Jones is in the business of facilitating the where and the when behind consumer choices, but he discussed the increasing importance for businesses to assess the self-reflexive why that drives consumer decisions. Businesses must break down … [Read more...]

Did you #hashtag today? June 30th, Miami’s Social Media Day! #SMDAYMIA

by REBEKKAH MAR What comes to mind when you think about Miami? Probably the diverse culture, high fashion, sweltering heat, and championship basketball. But would technology make that list? Many entrepreneurs who are managing startup technology businesses in this cosmopolitan city question whether their companies can succeed as well as Silicon Valley companies. Well, Social Media Day of Miami, is the answer. Alex Carvalho along with a team of fifteen organizers successfully hosted Mashable’s world wide free event, #SMDAYMIA or Miami’s Social Media Day. June 30th, 2013, not only marked a day where young entrepreneurs could receive advice for their startup companies and learn about the changing industry, but this was the first official Social Media Day of Miami as proclaimed by Miami … [Read more...]